Living with Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is a very aggressive form of cancer and the outlook is particularly bleak. In fact, only 20% of people who have pancreatic cancers survive past five years, and that is if the cancer was caught early. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer mean that people are often in considerable pain and are usually very uncomfortable.

Living With Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Stomach Problems

One issue that is very common with pancreatic cancer symptoms is having stomach issues.  Many people report being severely constipated or having chronic diarrhoea.  Both are very uncomfortable and can lead to additional problems.  Often, when the situation gets too dire, patients are offered surgery to insert a tube through their bowel, which will stop the tumour from pressing on the bowel and thereby blocking it.

Living With Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Jaundice

Jaundice is another common affliction with pancreatic cancer and means that the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow.  Furthermore, urine is very discoloured and has the colour and consistency of cola.  Jaundice has many side effects, including tiredness and itchy skin.  Again, surgery is possible to insert a tube into the gall bladder, to stop this from getting blocked by the cancerous tumours.

Living With Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Preparing for Death

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you will more than likely be offered intensive counselling to help you deal with the hardest thing of all: the fact that pancreatic cancer is usually terminal.  Due to the fact that pancreatic cancer can often go undetected for long periods of time, it is generally only caught once it has spread and people are generally only given a year to live.  Statistically, most people die around seven months after their pancreatic cancer diagnosis.  Both you are and your family and friends will be offered counselling to help you deal with this information and to help you still live a full life even though it is most likely only going to be for a short period of time.

Living With Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Depression

Depression is very common in those who suffer from pancreatic cancer symptoms.  This is not only due to having to accept that you are living with a potentially terminal disease, but also a symptom of pancreatic cancer on its own.  Generally, patients will be offered anti depressants to help them in living with pancreatic cancer symptoms.

Living With Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Pain

Pain is also a common side effect of pancreatic cancer.  In the earlier stages, you may be asked to rely on over the counter, non opiate based medicine such as paracetamol or even codeine, which is a low opiate.  At the later stages, you are more likely to receive opiate pain killers that are morphine based.

Receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is very hard to deal with and having to live with that knowledge is already very hard.  Unfortunately, once the pancreatic cancer has been detected, it is generally found that there is a quick deterioration in patients, who rapidly start suffering from most of the associated symptoms.  Careful pain management and possible surgery as well as counselling are really the only ways to help you to live with pancreatic cancer symptoms.

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