Diet and Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is a reasonably common and particularly aggressive form of cancer that kills over 7,000 people each year in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, pancreatic cancer is particularly common in Eastern European countries. It has been scientifically established that the risk of pancreatic cancer is significantly increased by being overweight and enjoying little to no physical exercise. A direct link between diet & pancreatic cancer symptoms has not been determined yet, but much research is being done into this, particularly since it seems so common in certain parts of the world. Pancreatic cancer severely affects the digestive tracts, which is why it is incredibly important to follow a strict and good diet.

Why You Need to Watch Your Diet & Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

The pancreas is located next to the stomach and the bowel, which can cause the cancer to affect these areas.  Furthermore, the pancreas produces insulin and enzymes, both of which help us in the digestion of food.  Many of those who have pancreatic cancer find that eating very small meals more often helps tremendously.  Those who suffer from pancreatic cancer often find their appetite decreases, which is another reason to ensure that at least small meals are eaten regularly.

Generally, those who suffer from pancreatic cancer will be seen by a dietician to assist them in ensuring their diet & pancreatic cancer symptoms are managed appropriately, if necessary by prescribing dietary supplements.

Diet & Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Issues

One of the issues with diet & pancreatic cancer symptoms is related to blood sugar levels.  Generally, those who suffer from pancreatic cancer will also become diabetic.  Furthermore, if you have had surgery to remove the tumour, thereby usually removing part of the pancreas, you will at least temporarily be diabetic.  Hence, it is important to understand the workings of insulin and enzymes, as well as how to check your levels and ameliorate them where necessary.

Diet & Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Appropriate Snacks

It is advised that those who suffer from pancreatic cancer eat small, high fat products to keep them healthy.  For example:

  • Fromage Frais
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk drinks
  • Flapjacks
  • Cheese
  • Crisps and nuts

Diet & Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Diarrhoea

Many people who suffer from pancreatic cancer will have issues relating to diarrhoea, particularly after surgery.  It is important to effectively manage diet & pancreatic cancer symptoms relating to diarrhoea, as nutrients are less well absorbed by the body when it suffers from diarrhoea, as well as there being a significant risk of dehydration.  As pancreatic cancer is more common in the elderly, this is a very serious concern.  Those with pancreatic cancer are hence advised to stay away from foods that are high in fibre such as dried fruits or cereals.  A doctor or nurse may also prescribe medication to combat diarrhoea or suggest an adapted diet plan for the time being.

Although an exact link between diet and the prevalence of pancreatic cancer has not been proven yet, it is suspected it exists.  However, diet plays an important role in the effective management of a patient’s general health once diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and particularly after surgery.

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