Natural Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is a very aggressive form of cancer and the survival rates are very low. Treatment is very limited, particularly because it requires the patient to be in good physical condition, which is rare in those who suffer from pancreatic cancer. Many people will turn to natural remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of pain, the feelings of confusion and anger and in the hope of curing the cancer.

Natural Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Polyerga

Stories exist of a woman who was given days to live by a medical professional after her diagnoses with pancreatic cancer, but who survived thanks to Polyerga.  Polyerga improves the immune system.  It is also said to help the growth of health cells and stabilise the working of cells within the body.  Polyerga has been in existence for well over forty years and has been deemed very safe.  Medical professionals have even stated that Polyerga has benefits, particularly if used in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Natural Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Alternative treatments

Some alternatives treatments have been scientifically proven to not cure cancer, but to prolong the life expectancy of someone who suffers from pancreatic cancer.  This is incredibly important, as natural remedies generally work very quickly, meaning that time can be bought for other treatments.  For example, a patient who only has three months left to live will be too physically weak to undergo surgery.  However, using natural remedies for pancreatic cancer symptoms could extend the life expectancy to six months, allowing the patient to regain some strength and be physically well enough to undergo surgery.

The most well known of these natural remedies for pancreatic cancer symptoms include:

  • Electro medicine
  • Hyperthermia
  • Limu juice

Natural Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Triphala

Triphala is an Indian herbal remedy that has shown dramatic results in laboratory tests on mice and rats with pancreatic cancer.  Triphala is part of the Ayuverda techniques and is made out of three different powdered fruits and promotes things such as good digestion.

On the laboratory mice, the pancreatic tumour’s growth was severely slowed down, which would be a real breakthrough for humans once the experimental stages have been completed.  In the test, mice that had a grafted pancreatic tumour were given Triphala five days per week for four weeks.  Compared to mice on which a tumour had also been grafted but that did not receive the treatment, the tumour was only half the size, meaning it had actually shrunk significantly as well.  Furthermore, there did not seem to be any side effects that had consequences to the function of the pancreas.  Tests revealed that the Triphala had activated the genes that suppress tumours, which is very encouraging.

These developments are incredibly important due to the very low survival rates of pancreatic cancer.  Although research is still only in its early stages, preliminary tests show very encouraging and positive results and it has been welcomed by all of the leading UK charities interested in researching natural remedies for pancreatic cancer symptoms.

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