Fever Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

There are a whole host of symptoms that are related to pancreatic cancer. Cancer of the pancreas is one of the harshest forms of cancer and one with a low level of survival due to the advanced stage of the cancer in most diagnoses. It is however not a very common form of cancer, with less than 8000 cases diagnosed in the UK each year. If you take the time to understand the symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer, you can decrease the time it takes for a diagnosis and increase your chance of survival.

What is a Fever?

A temperature of 38oc or above is classed as a fever.  They are usually caused when the immune system releases certain chemicals which result in an inflammation or infection.  Whilst 75% of fevers are caused by infection, 25% of fevers are persistent and may initially not seem to have a direct cause.  In this case an alternative explanation must be sought.  Around one fifth of people who have an unexplained persistent fever are found to have cancer with pancreatic, lung, lymphoma and liver being the most common.

How does a Fever relate to Pancreatic Cancer?

A fever is a non specific symptom that can be associated with numerous types of ailments from the mild to the severe, including cancer.  It is usually associated with blood cancers such as lymphoma or leukaemia but it is also a symptom of pancreatic cancer.  A fever is the body’s way of letting you know that your immune system is stressed and struggling to cope.  This can be a very clever warning sign when it comes to pancreatic cancer and as such it should be checked out by your GP as soon as possible.

What are the Fever Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms?

Fever pancreatic cancer symptoms are usually accompanies by a period of chronic shivers.  The shivering will usually start with little to no warning and absorb the patient in a complete overwhelming feeling of cold.  This will last for around twenty to thirty minutes and will be followed by a high fever which will again last for around twenty to thirty minutes.

Treating Fever Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Although the best way to treat a persistent fever is by treating the underlying cause there are a number of things you can do to make a person suffering from a fever more comfortable.  These include:

  • Ensure that plenty of water is drunk to prevent dehydration


  • Regulate the room temperature to a more comfortable level whilst keeping sure that air is circulating properly


  • Suck or chew ice cubes


  • Remove layers of clothing that are making the patient hot. 


Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen can also help to control the patient’s body temperature and relieve discomfort.

If you suffer from persistent, chronic fevers it is vital to speak to your GP and find out what is causing them.  Although it may just be an infection it is better to get checked out to make sure it is not an early warning sign of pancreatic cancer.

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