Shivering Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is a truly awful disease and it is made worse by the fact it is incredibly difficult to diagnose. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer can take a while to show and when they do appear they are often misdiagnosed as the pancreatic cancer symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of other less fatal diseases. Due to the difficulty in diagnosis, most people who have the disease are not usually aware of it until it is in an advanced stage. Understanding more about the symptoms and what to look out for can help you to be diagnosed earlier and as such increase your chances of survival.

How does Shivering relate to Pancreatic Cancer?

Shivering is said to be one of the later symptoms recognised by pancreatic cancer sufferers and it can also be a sign that the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.  The reason that shivering is experienced is due to the tumour causing an inflammation in the pancreas.  It can however also be a side effect of the medication or cancer treatment.  This is especially true for people who have had chemotherapy to try and combat the disease.

What are the Shivering Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms?

When a person is suffering from the shivering pancreatic cancer symptoms they will initially feel like a deep cold has seeped into the body.  This will usually be instant and the sufferer will have no prior warning.  A violent attack of the shivers accompanied by a high fever is a classic symptom of a blockage in the digestive system.  The shivering will tend to subside around twenty to thirty minutes after it started and will then be followed by a period of high fever for around twenty minutes.  This is an awful experience for the sufferer and if ignored it will be recurrent. 

What to do if You are Suffering from Shivering Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

If you are suffering from shivering pancreatic cancer symptoms you are likely to experience moments of extreme cold followed by periods where you feel really hot.  During this time you will need to either wrap up warm or strip off completely to try and regulate your body temperature.  If you are caring for someone who is experiencing shivering pancreatic cancer symptoms you should do whatever you can to make them feel comfortable.  You are also advised to contact your GP as soon as any of these symptoms are experienced.

Although pancreatic cancer is a very hard disease to diagnose there are symptoms to look out for which can increase your chances of a quick diagnosis.  Researchers are currently trying to develop new methods to determine whether a patient is suffering from pancreatic cancer and hope to be able to come up with a way for a quicker diagnosis in the near future.  Remember that if you or a loved one is suffering from shivering pancreatic cancer symptoms or any other symptom associated with this disease, to speak to your GP as soon as possible.

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